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Creating Employment Opportunities for People Who Are Blind or Have Significant Disabilities

People who are blind or have significant disabilities are America’s greatest untapped labor resource. Of the nation’s 200 million working-age adults, more than 15 million report living with a disability.1 Many citizens who are blind or have a significant disability are willing and eager to work, yet nearly 70% do not have jobs.2

In the late 1930s, leaders in the blindness community encouraged Congress to open up government markets to products produced by people who were blind. They were rewarded with the passage of the Wagner-O’Day Act in 1938. Thanks to the program’s success, the law was amended in 1971 as the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act, allowing people with significant disabilities to participate, and calling for the provision of services to the Federal Government.

An amazingly committed and talented workforce of whom at least 75% are people who are blind or have significant disabilities fulfills AbilityOne contracts.

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