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Commission Awards

E.R. “Dick” Alley Career Achievement Award

The Alley Award is bestowed on one federal employee whose sustained dedication and support of the AbilityOne Program are exemplary, and worthy of the Commission’s highest recognition. The Commission’s highest achievement award is named for the late Dick Alley, who gave 25 years of dedicated service to the Commission as its Deputy Executive Director. The most recent recipient is shown above.

FDR Award for Leadership and Service

This award recognizes sustained, extraordinary accomplishment related to the U.S. AbilityOne Commission and the AbilityOneProgram. The award honors an outstanding leader who consistently demonstrates strength, integrity, industry and a relentless commitment to public service. Through personal conduct and results-oriented leadership, a recipient earns and sustains a high degree of public confidence and trust. Recipients demonstrate success in balancing the needs and perspectives of people who are blind or have significant disabilities, federal customers and other stakeholders in achieving organizational results. The award is intended to be given sparingly, and may be presented to a current or former appointed member of the Commission or a current or former member of the staff.

Osborne A. “Oz” Day AbilityOne Awareness Award

The award is named in honor of Osborne A. “Oz” Day, who served as a private citizen member of the Commission from 2005 to 2008. Day provided critical leadership in communicating the AbilityOne message to federal customers and the general public.

Chairperson’s Award for Leadership

The Chairperson’s Award for Leadership is the highest award a nonprofit agency can receive. This award recognizes leadership in consistently meeting or surpassing the statutory and regulatory requirements of the U. S. AbilityOne Commission;fulfilling the Commission’s guiding principles for a quality work environment; business acumen that leads to increased employment opportunities; and national leadership in or on behalf of the AbilityOne Program, with impact across the entire AbilityOne community and enhanced employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. One award is given to an AbilityOne nonprofit agency CEO associated with NIB; and another award is given to an AbilityOne nonprofit agency CEO associated with SourceAmerica®

Office of the Executive Director’s Enduring Leadership Award

The Enduring Leadership Award recognizes superlative leadership that has and will continue to produce enduring benefits to the AbilityOne Program. The award is presented sparingly to senior leaders such as GS-15 or SES-level federal employees, or nonprofit agency Chief Executive Officers.

Outstanding Contributions Award

The Outstanding Contributions Award recognizes federal employees for their efforts in creating employment opportunities on federal contracts for people who are blind or have significant disabilities under the AbilityOne Program.

Most Valuable Liaison Award

This award recognizes a federal employee, who in their role as a liaison, demonstrates effort in creating employment opportunities on federal contracts for people who are blind or have significant disabilities under the AbilityOne Program.

Commission/Department of Defense Commitment in Action Certificates

Commitment in Action certificates and coins recognize DoD personnel for exceptional support of the AbilityOne Program, thereby creating employment for wounded warriors and people who are blind or have significant disabilities.

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